Sunday, 21 February 2010


So, the cooperative presentation was amazing. After helping with fittings last week I arrived at Proud Gallery Central yesterday to assist with more castings and show organising. Learnt so much assisting experienced stylist Liz who is like a style, show organising genius! The presentation was fabulous, with all the rush and sweat backstage it looked flawless out in the gallery ...phew! I am ashamed to say there was no time for pictures...way too busy. Annalisa and Dorothy were aces, their gorgeous knit collection includes great graphic prints, explosive textures and awesome accessories. (Hats by Noel Stewart and Jewellery by Corrie Williamson). It was a real joy to work with them both and their beautiful clothes. Have a look >
Also beaming that I got to meet Fred Butler as I am a huge admirer of her work :-)

Only pics I managed to get super quick >>>

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Good start to a new year ...

Been shortlisted for a re-style competition
Got high first in last 3 projects
Guy from LCF said my work was like being at a McQ show!
Got another paid styling job
Oh, and did I mention I will be working at London Fashion Week!!

The icing on this smug-ass cake would to be selected to show my
work to the BFC ... everything crossed!

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Fashion Week!

I am assisting the amazing Elizabeth Cardwell for LFW, styling for Cooperative Designs. Can't Wait!

New Shoot ... Feral Woman

This one doesn't really go with the edit but I love it! ...

As always all styling and photography by moi. Thanks to Beautiful Sophie.